Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bubble Statement Necklaces....

$39.00 Each

                                                                           (image source)

I'm sure you've seen this necklace before...
And I'll even bet you've been tempted to buy it. 
Just not with the $150.00 price tag.

Now, for only $39 you can have a statement necklace that comes in 
a variety of colors to choose from.  With Easy PayPal checkout visit my 
SHOP, and see all there is to choose from. This Necklace will dress up 
any outfit... from a simple Tee to your Sunday Best.

Happy Shopping... 

(While Supplies Last)

                                                             Red                          Cobalt Blue

                                                      Turquoise                          Yellow

                                                           Ivory                             Coral

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Addirags Design!

I made these little beauties for my SIL, she and her husband just addopted the most darling little girl. Their kiddos are getting pictures taken by the super talented NICOLE NELSON! Check her out....... she's amazing! Oh and my cousin, but really she's good.

This is for her 11 year old
I'll do another post of the M2M that was for our darling new addition to the family.
I hope you all like it!
** Custom orders welcome**