Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bubble Statement Necklaces....

$39.00 Each

                                                                           (image source)

I'm sure you've seen this necklace before...
And I'll even bet you've been tempted to buy it. 
Just not with the $150.00 price tag.

Now, for only $39 you can have a statement necklace that comes in 
a variety of colors to choose from.  With Easy PayPal checkout visit my 
SHOP, and see all there is to choose from. This Necklace will dress up 
any outfit... from a simple Tee to your Sunday Best.

Happy Shopping... 

(While Supplies Last)

                                                             Red                          Cobalt Blue

                                                      Turquoise                          Yellow

                                                           Ivory                             Coral

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